Certification Training

The certification training is the starting point for using the EDOC system and its tools. The Ensize certification training is intended for those of you who work in HR or with coaching, recruitment, consulting or company- and/or academy training

We offer certification training to enable you to work efficiently and effectively with the Ensize tools Puzzle DISC (Behavioural Style Assessment) and Driving Forces (Motivational Assessment). You will also receive training in managing the key features and functions of the EDOC system. After the training, you will get an Ensize Official Certificate for Puzzle DISC and Driving Forces and you will get access to the EDOC system.

Ensize Certification Training includes: 

  • Statistical concepts (reliability, validity, scales of measurement, etc.) linked to the assessment tools
  • The background of DISC – William Moulton Marston
  • How does DISC work and how can it be used in different scenarios? 
  • Hard-to-interpret profiles – how to deal with them and give feedback
  • The background of Driving Forces – Eduard Spranger
  • Driving Forces and values
  • Description of the Driving Forces motivational assessment and how to use it in different scenarios
  • Combination assessment (Puzzle DISC and Driving Forces)
  • Practical review of the EDOC system’s functions
  • 1 personal Combination assessment (Puzzle DISC + Driving Forces)

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