Boomerang 360° gap assessment

Boomerang is a 360° analysis (gap analysis) and an effective feedback tool. The analysis is used as a basis for personal development, planning and coaching. Boomerang is available in the following areas: leadership, businessmanship, sales managers and project managers. The analysis provides a good basis for discussion, which also improves communication and encourages cooperation within a work group.

What is a 360° feedback analysis?

  • In a 360° feedback analysis, individuals assess a variety of work-related aspects about themselves.
  • A corresponding assessment is made by a number of other people – superiors, colleagues, subordinates and possibly also customers.
  • This assessments result in a graph that shows the difference between how an individual sees himself/herself and how others see them.
  • Boomerang is an effective feedback tool and is used as a basis for personal development, planning and coaching. The method can be seen as a complement to appraisal dialogues.

Why Boomerang?

Our perception of our surroundings is what constitutes our reality. Feedback therefore forms the basis for all learning and development. Feedback can help people to become aware of their blind spots and to understand how their behaviour is perceived by and affects those with whom they work. But in order to be usable, this must also be honest and sincere.

At work, feedback is all about providing information that is intended to improve an employee’s professional performance. One common way of providing feedback is through what are known as 360° analyses, in which employees/managers learn about strengths and weaknesses in their job performance. The individual carries out a self-assessment in terms of various abilities. A number of colleagues, managers and/or customers then carry out the same assessment of the person in question. This results in a gap report, which shows the difference between how the individual sees himself/herself and how others see him/her.

An analysis itself does not lead to change. Instead, for the best results, the company must have a conscious development plan for the affected areas. The analysis can also be used as a basis for reflecting on this. Against this background, it provides valuable information about what may need to be changed.

Advantages of 360° analyses:
  • Feedback from multiple sources
    Feedback from colleagues helps coworkers and managers understand how others perceive their work.
  • Team development
    Helps team members to work together more effectively and can improve communication within the team.
  • Personal development and organisational development
    360° feedback is one of the best methods for understanding both the individual’s and the organisation’s development needs.
  • Personal responsibility for career development
    Feedback from several people can give the individual valuable information about what is needed to improve his or her career possibilities.
  • Better customer service
    The feedback is even more valuable if internal and external customers also take part in the Boomerang analysis.

The analysis contains 40 questions and is anonymous for everyone except the person being assessed.

Boomerang is available in the following versions:
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Projects
  • Sales managers

    Boomerang can also be tailored to specific needs.

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