Profile Builder - Ideal recruiting

Ensize is proud to present the Profile Builder, the tool that gives you support in your recruitment process.

Create your own ideal profile or combine it with information from the hiring manager. Use an existing individuals profile as the ideal profile. Search your EDOC system for matching profiles or use to match candidates by inviting them to do the analysis.

The Profile Builder add-on service is a dynamic tool for people who work with recruitment and match profiles to find the right candidates. Profile Builder is based on Puzzle DISC and has been developed to allow you to use all Puzzle DISC profiles in your EDOC system and to search for people who match a specific ideal profile.

Use Profile Builder to:

  • create an ideal profile or invite selected individuals to assist in the process to create an ideal profile.
  • manage and adapt the profile before you start searching.
  • create a matching report to provide an overview of all candidates behavioural styles and qualities. The matching report is presented in descending order from 100% to 0%.
  • offer the candidate a brief Puzzle DISC feedback report after the interview.
  • print a complete Puzzle DISC report before an interview or as a basis for your client.
  • create anonymous reports.
  • create an open analysis link where applicants can respond to the analysis as a part of the application process. The report may be matched against the ideal profile to create a short list. The report is directly searchable in your EDOC system.


Profile Builder is currently availble in English and Swedish only